The Legacy Continues…Designing “Rise of the Notorious” By Katie Jennings

Blue Harvest Creative

It’s hard to believe this is our seventh print and eighth eBook design for Katie Jennings! The Vasser Legacy series has a special place in our hearts since it was our very first print and eBook design for the lovely Ms. Jennings. We also provided all the editing services.

The series is a family saga based in the world of the rich, the famous, and the deadly—set against the backdrop of the luxurious Vasser hotel industry. When we designed the first book, When Empires Fall, we used a classic and elegant design that reflected the story concepts.

We continued this tradition for the stunning sequel, Rise of the Notorious. To convey the powerful story line in the series, we updated the chapter and text divider graphics with bolder designs.


Chapter Graphic for Rise of the Notorious


Text Divider for Rise of the Notorious


Title Page for Rise of the…

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