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I’m taking part in a wonderful blog hop full of great authors. During the Discovering Indie Authors Blog Hop each of us are posting snippets of our books, answering the question of why we write, or posting something else related to writing. (and giveaways)

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I chose to post something about writing because answering why I write would likely drive readers either totally insane or at the very least have them calling the people in white coats to come and take me away.

This actually a blog post I wrote for a friend’s blog a while back. However, it isn’t something any of my own blog follows have had much of a chance to see.

I am a hopeless scatterbrain…most of the time. And yet, I write epic fantasy. If you take the time to wander through the meanderings of a mind that likes to take off on it’s own, often leaving me behind, at the bottom of this blog post is a giveaway. And if you decide that you don’t want to go there, or I’m boring you to the point that you are considering gouging out your eyes rather than read another word, there is still a giveaway for you at the end.

Writing a series with an easily distracted mind

Keep in mind, I am not telling anyone how to write a series because let’s face it, no two authors write in quite the same way. Many people plot every aspect. They know exactly what is going to happen and when. There is nothing wrong with this and in fact probably makes the process faster.

Oh if only my brain worked that way. But it doesn’t. No my mind is a lover of barely controlled chaos. Because of this, I am easily distracted. It goes something like this: I really need to sit down and write somethi–oh look! Something shiny! I get to the store and forget what I was there for; unless I bring a list and actually remember to take it into the store with me. I forget what I did with my keys, where I put my purse, where I left my shoes, and a myriad of other things that drive my poor husband crazy. Who by the way, usually knows where I’ve left everything.

So how does one with a mind like mine write a multi-book epic fantasy? Not like most people I expect.

I am mostly a pantzer, but not completely. I don’t run blindly into a story with no idea of where it is going. I know the beginning and the end. I know several key scenes that need to happen both for the series as a whole and each book. Are they things I have written down? No. If I start writing down things that need to happen, my writing brain stops working. I don’t know why and it really makes no sense, but there you have it.

I do have extensive notes, just not story notes. I have character lists so I can remember who all of them are (I have a large cast both in POV characters and in minor leads), how I spelled their name, where they are from and what they look like. I have an item list as well so I remember how I spelled certain things and a word list so I can remember what is supposed to be capped and what isn’t.  When you have a lot of made up things, that last is extremely important.

But when it comes to story notes, those all stay in my head. How they don’t get lost in the mess in there, I will never know.

Beyond the beginnings, endings and a sprinkle of in-betweens though is where the pantzer part comes in. I have no idea how my characters plan to get from point A to point B and beyond. Many times they throw things in that I was unaware of and I have to add it to my story notes in my head so I don’t forget. Yes, I am perfectly capable of forgetting why I went into the bathroom, but I never forget a story element.

Is this the proper way to write a series? Probably not, in fact you probably think I’m crazy at this point. But one thing I’ve learned, there is no right or wrong when it comes to writing. I think in any book, whether it is a series or a stand-alone, knowing where it’s going is the most important. I would be lost if I didn’t know how it was going to end, or at least a really firm idea of it. Everything you write needs to be working toward an end goal or your book will wander all over the place. Even as I say this though, I know there is some writer out there shaking their head and thinking, “I never know the ending until it happens.” And if that works for them and their writing, then they should go for it.

As for me, I’ll continue doing what it is I do in my semi-organized chaotic world of writing–that I wouldn’t change for anything–and also hope that I helped inspire at least one person.


Wow! You made it! Or you didn’t and you actually skipped over all of that above. Either way, thank you for visiting and don’t forget to click the link below to enter the giveaway.

One person will win an e-copy of Embers at Galdrilene – you can check it out HERE

Two people will each win a book mark.

Wait! There is a little more. Before you enter the giveaway and run, please take a moment to scroll down, click on and check out the other authors on the blog hop. They will have giveaways on their posts too.

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Check out the other authors on the Hop!

Belinda Williams Belinda’s debut novel Radiant is a fast paced romantic/supernatural thriller set in Sydney Australia that is sure to get your heart thumping!

LW Patricks: he’s a word samurai, slicing through words with his trusty sacred pencil and his edgy YA debut novel, The Shadows of Wrath, is out now. Check him out!

Julie Presley: Christian author, Julie Presley, brings us this story of restoration and healing in Stones of Remembrance – a journey all about loss, discovery, healing and most importantly, love.

Victoria Sawyer: Angst. Anxiety. Panic. Victoria’s YA novel is like no other – it’s an insight into the dark struggles of a young college woman living with anxiety and it’s not for the faint hearted. Refreshing, raw and honest – be sure to take a look! 

Casey Voight: Casey will entrance you with her novel, The Dove: Book One of the Legend. It’s the first book in a five-part series that follows a young Native American woman through an epic quest that will forever change the course of history.

Erin Long: weaving tales of YA fantasy, Erin’s lead character, Grimore, is the niece of a sorcerer who finds herself plunged into a struggle between the forces of light and darkness.

Jocelyn Dex: this author claims ‘demons do it better’ and does her best to prove it to us in her erotic paranormal romance novels – find out for yourself…

Chelsea Falin: brings us the ‘Benson Family Chronicles’ with her distinct southern (US) voice.

A.D. Trosper: voted #1 Book of the Year in the Turning Pages Fantasy category, Book 1: Embers at Galdrilene, in The Dragon’s Call series, is certainly worth a look.

Jill Sanders: American contemporary romance author, Jill Sanders, brings us the ‘Pride series’ of books, set in the rolling hills of Oregon, the perfect backdrop for love.

Leti Del Mar: last, but definitely not least, Leti offers readers an enticing mix of crime, intrigue and romance in her novel, The Inadvertent Thief.

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