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Hello! Today on the Obsidian Blog Tour, I’m being hosted by A.D. Trosper. She has been kind enough to host me and my two characters, Nalani and Moana. We’re also revealing a desktop calendar page and at the bottom of the post you can enter the Obsidian Blog Tour Giveaway. Remember, there are daily entries so if you’ve entered before, be sure to get your daily entries in too!

First, let’s reveal the calendar page for today!


These two ladies are in-laws. Nalani is Moana’s mother in-law and they don’t always get along. Once the situation becomes serious in Obsidian, they put aside their differences to survive and to make sure that the people they love go unharmed.


Nalani Kalei

Nalani is a kind woman who cares deeply for Ohana. He son broke her heart when he left, but she carried on for the good of his two children, Alani and Hiu. She lives a simple life in Hilo and doesn’t care much about technology not being available, she only cares that the vampires are trying to use it to control humans.

Moana Kalei

Moana is Alani and Hiu’s mother. She moved to Los Angeles when they graduated high school to pursue her dream of being an actress. She’s been fairly successful and made some good friends. Once Ava, Hiu, Alani and Nalani show up at her doorstep, she goes into survival mode.

Throughout Obsidian you’ll see the way these two mothers hold their ground and their very different ways of parenting and dealing with situations. Thanks for reading! Be sure to enter the giveaway!


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You can see the Obsidian Tour Schedule HERE to see what you’ve missed and what is coming up!

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