Trick or Tweet Time!

Halloween approaches and it is time to begin the celebration!

It’s time to Trick-or-Tweet! Enter to win one of 40 prizes donated by ten awesome authors! Trick-or-Tweet your way to a signed print book or e-book! Some mail-out prizes even include candy and swag! Winners are chosen on Halloween with the announcement made at noon on Kayla Curry’s blog Paranormal Lounge. E-mails will be sent to the winners and prizes will be given on a first come-first-serve basis. Remember to tweet every day to up your chances of winning!


In the meantime, scroll down for a true ghost story. Then, go door-to-door and ring the bells on these blogs to read more fun and spooky Halloween posts.

A Need To Be Noticed

My husband and I seem to attract ghosts. We have encountered them in one way or another in many of the places we’ve lived. Or, maybe we don’t attract them, maybe we are just more in tune with whatever energy wave-length ghosts exist on.

One of the creepiest was when we lived in a small, one bedroom duplex. We often heard footsteps in the space above the ceiling. The north neighbor wasn’t home and though my husband checked it out, there was no one up there. There were cold spots in the house, even in the summer.  The ghost didn’t seem to be intent on causing harm. More, it just seemed to want to be noticed, to let us know it was there. When it was making noise, it would stop if we asked. At the time, we didn’t know why a ghost would be there. We discovered why long after we had moved out.

Many years later, the police captured the BTK killer. While watching the news coverage of it, they went through the victims and where they were killed. There, on the screen, was the duplex we had lived in.  Seeing it gave us chills. Apparently, the BTK killer had cut the phone lines, came in through the north side of the duplex, and hid in the south south side (the side we lived in) and waited for the lady who lived there to come home.

Was the ghost making the foot steps across the ceiling because that is how her killer came in? Did she just want us to acknowledge the energy she left behind? I will never know. I wish I would have known who the ghost probably was when we lived there, perhaps I could have let her know that yes, people remember. I wonder if in some cosmic way, she knows that her killer was eventually found and convicted. I wonder if that will give her peace.

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