Feature and Review Of Water and Madness by Katie Jennings

Over the past three weeks, I have been featuring and reviewing each book in Katie Jennings, Dryad Quartet series.

Last week, I featured and reviewed Life Earthbound, the third book in the series. This week, the fourth and final book, Of Water and Madness , gets its turn.

The Dryad Quartet is a story of magic, elements, love, faults, and struggles as it follows the four Dryads that control Air, Fire, Earth, and Water as they work with Mother Earth to keep the world in balance. You will find muses, fates, and furies in their world and follow them as they move between Euphora and our world and try to stop a demon from destroying them all.

Book four of the Dryad Quartet.
His name was Liam, and he was Water.
His heart was as expansive and deep as the ocean, with emotions that could both rage like storms and soothe like a clear and quiet stream. He lived for the smell of rain, and thrived in the knowledge that it was he who made it fall.
But while most everything in his life seemed to be going great, there was still this impending doom just over the horizon, threatening to wipe his home completely off the map. All he had to do was rise to the challenge and fight once the war came.
But there was just one little problem: he had gone, quite simply, mad.
Not that he knew it, nor did anyone else. But he wasn’t himself any longer, and the truth behind the lies would eventually come out. And when it did, Liam would discover the burned bridges and the destroyed hearts he’d left in his wake.
It was a funny thing, madness. A funny, cruel, and violently destructive thing.

And finally came Water.  Click here to watch the trailer.

I really enjoyed getting to see the conclusion of this story with Of Water and Madness. I gave it a four star only because I wish Dante would have been a little scarier. I never really feared for any of their lives. That said, the story was still wonderful. I like how she handled Liam and what happened to him. I don’t want to say to much about that because I don’t want to give anything away. I do wish Rhia would have fought a little more, but I have to give it to Jennings for keeping Rhia true to character. So even though it frustrated me, it was necessary.

I do so wish she had added an epilogue to this so we could have seen them all a year or so down the road, maybe with Capri having her and Rian’s first baby, and everyone married and maybe even Jax and Blythe trying to keep up with a newly walking, little fire dryad girl to keep them both on their toes. I will just have to imagine it myself. But I guess my desire to see more of them speaks for itself.

I highly recommend this whole series for anyone who wants to see magic, romance, and conflict woven together. Again, through this whole series it was wonderfully refreshing to see the romance without a bunch of explicit sex scenes. I love it when a romance in a story can stand on its own without the need for those scenes. I have read a lot of vampire romance and other types of romance where explicit sex scenes play a major role and where it really doesn’t bother me that much, I find them very tiring after a while. I end up skimming past those scenes (which often seem like filler to me)in an effort to get back to the story. It was nice to not have to skim anything in this series to get to the story.

I will be buying this whole series in paperback to add to my ‘keeper shelf’. But I’m glad I have the e-books. Then I can reread them as many times as I want without creasing the spine or wearing the pages.

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