Feature and Review Firefight in Darkness by Katie Jennings

Over the next four weeks, I will be featuring and reviewing each book in Katie Jennings, Dryad Quartet series.

Last week, I featured and reviewed Breath of Air, the first book in the series. This week Firefight in Darkness, the second book, is in the spotlight.

The Dryad Quartet is a story of magic, elements, love, faults, and struggles as it follows the four Dryads that control Air, Fire, Earth, and Water as they work with Mother Earth to keep the world in balance. You will find muses, fates, and furies in their world and follow them as they move between Euphora and our world and try to stop a demon from destroying them all.

Book two of the Dryad Quartet.
Her name was Blythe, and she was Fire.
She fought for what she believed in, and wouldn’t hesitate to unleash the fire in her blood on anyone who threatened those she loved.
But when an alarming truth is revealed regarding the one man she’s both hated and longed for her entire life, she finds herself in an awkward position of both acceptance and denial. But whichever way she looked at it, she was reminded that there was an evil out there gunning for her and her family, and she would stop at nothing to destroy him, even if it meant sacrificing everything she had and everything she was.
Fortunately for her, she had help. But even with the companionship of a skilled and lethal bounty hunter, Blythe couldn’t escape more of the truth, no matter how hard it was to swallow.
Because the evil she’s fighting has a story to tell, and she’d be a damn fool not to listen.

And then there was fire.  Click here to view the trailer

This book too was a gift to me (all four of them were).I loved Breath of Air and eagerly dove into Firefight in Darkness to see what happened next. Jennings didn’t disappoint. Although Blythe isn’t my favorite character, I still liked getting to see things from her point of view. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to revisit the characters again and Jennings made sure to touch on all of them at some point in the book.

Blythe herself is a little too high strung and emotional for me and at times it just seemed a bit over the top, which is why this book gets a four star instead of a five. However, many people liked this book the best, so whether it is four star or a five star, depends completely on how you connect with Blythe.

I did love getting to learn about Blythe’s grandmother and see how sometimes there are some mistakes you can’t come back from even if you were tricked into making it.

I enjoyed the book and seeing more of the story unfold. I stayed up way too late reading it because again, I had to know what happened. I look forward to reading the next one, and would recommend this book.

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Watch for A Life Earthbound coming up next week. It is the third in the series and another of my favorites!

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