A Wonderful Day

Today I didn’t do any writing, marketing, critting, or reading. Instead, my husband, mother and I took the kids to the Kansas Cosmosphere.  It was the first time my kids have been there. They had an absolute blast.

We spent the entire day there. We went through the museum twice, watched Tornado Alley in the Imax theater, watched the planetarium show, and went to Dr. Goddard’s Lab where we watched the guy blow up a giant cotton ball soaked in liquid oxygen. He also used ‘sercret rocket fuel’ to demonstrate rocket propulsion. The presentation was well done and engaging. My older boys (11 and 13) soaked it up like sponges. Even my four year old loved it. They had so much fun.

Then we took them out to dinner at a sit down restaurant. I could see the wheels turning in my older boys’ minds and sure enough, after we got home they asked my husband, “Dad, where can we get liquid oxygen?” We just had to laugh as we told them you just can’t buy it and no, they would NOT be creating explosions here at home with it. 🙂

Of course, no day spent having fun can go without pictures.


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