Excerpt from Tears of War

Kirynn sat in the saddle on Syrakynn, waiting for Vaddoc to be ready. The light orbs and torches set around the caldera rim held back the dark of a new moon. Two Defenders stood near, ready to lead the horses through the Slide. Thanks to her dragon-bond, she could pick out the scrollwork on the horses saddles. Namir stood to her left, Cat already on the saddle. Kirynn shook her head, remembering the night when Cat had so scared a very young Namir. Now, the dragon refused to leave for Shadereen without the animal.

Vaddoc strode across the caldera floor to Namir’s side. He stepped up on the gold’s front leg and pulled himself into the saddle. Cat trilled and watched with orange eyes as Vaddoc fastened the safety straps.

Syrakynn shifted, ready to lift off and the horses shied back. The Defenders had to work to keep the animals under control. Kirynn laughed. “You really need to stop looking at the horses like you want to eat them, it makes them too nervous,” she sent.

“But I do want to eat them. Surely there is one somewhere that isn’t wanted,” the red sent back.

“I doubt anyone is going to offer one of their horses up for a meal.” 

The dragon huffed and eyed the horses again. Kirynn shook her head, sometimes the red was impossible.

The other riders and their dragons stood around them. Her eyes drifted across Kellinar, Serena, Taela, Mckale, Maleena. Her companions and greatest friends. Her gaze lingered on their faces and on their dragons. When would she see them again? What did the future hold? Sadness tightened her chest for moment.  If things didn’t go well…would she ever see them again?

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