Gremlins and Thank You

Sometimes those little Gremlin typos drive me crazy. I search for them. No, more than that, I hunt for them. But my mind has a way of fixing things even when they aren’t right. I know reading out loud will find them and I will be doing that with my entire MS before it goes to Kindle. 

Right now, I am getting ready to run my last chapter through my critters on CC. Each time I get ready to post a chapter, I go over it several times. I swear those little Gremlins are hiding. The little bastages wait until I post it, then they come out to mock me.

Okay, I know the typos can’t really hide and it’s my fault if they are there. It sure can be frustrating though. My wonderful critters are excellent at ferreting them out though and for that, I am eternally grateful. Without my critters, there would typos galore and the book wouldn’t be as good. 

So even in my frustration with Gremlin typos, I have to step back and offer thanks. Thank you to my critters who have followed the story to the end. 

Thank you Tindal, for showing me how to deepen my POV and reminding me when I was telling something that needed to be shown. For catching typos, comma errors and grammar mistakes.

Thank you Jenniferk, for finding typos, comma errors, grammar mistakes, clunky sentences, and areas that were confusing. 

Thank you Aminah, for also finding typos, comma errors, grammar mistakes and for pointing out anything that didn’t flow well or didn’t make sense.

Thank you to all three of you for sticking with me, helping me to improve my writing, and for cheering me on. You guys are the best. 

Thank you also to those that only followed it partway before life got in the way. Your input and suggestions were very much appreciated.

For anyone reading this that feels they could really use a good crit group to help them with their writing, 

Whether you write fantasy, romance, westerns, suspense, horror or any other genre, there is queue for you. 

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