No one shall see it!

In the many wanderings my writing has taken me on, I’ve run into budding authors, who don’t think they need anyone else to look at their work. It shall be secret and kept under lock and key, behind barred doors with guard dogs and a moat filled with alligators until the glorious day of unveiling.

These writers are convinced they have everything well in hand. They have already achieved perfection, and their writing is completely flawless. What need do they have for someone else to look it over for typos, inconsistencies, and the, has-been-that-was’s?

I have heard them say, “I know what I’m doing and I don’t need anyone else to look at it.”

My response, no you don’t and yes you do.

Everyone can use someone to look over their work. A dedicated group of people, who know what to look for, combing through and tearing it apart as they hunt down any issues.

I am eternally grateful for the group of critiquers (is too a word *sticks out tongue at spell check*) currently going through Embers at Galdrilene. Never have I found a better bunch than those at Critique Circle. They have caught many typos and POV slips that I, even after many readings and rewrites, have missed. 

Some people struggle with their feelings when putting their work out. They get offended or depressed, when people don’t fall to their knees, begging to be allowed into the shining light of the writer’s god-like writing abilities. 

No one is perfect and neither is their writing. So yes, you do need someone else to look at it and you need to not take offense to an honest crit. You need to take it for what it is. A learning experience. A chance to grow as a writer and a chance to improve your story.

The nice thing about CC, is you have to crit others work in order to get enough credits to post your own work. The very exercise of combing through unfamiliar work for typos, inconsistencies, and the has-been-that-was’s, will help you begin to find them in your own work. After while, you no longer use the has-been-that-was crutch and you don’t have as many typos and you get the chance to help others grow as writers.

So take your story out of its hidden cubby under the stairs, beneath the floor boards, cleverly concealed under the heavy wooden trunk. Bring it out into the light, let other see it and help you grow.

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