Welcome to my blog

So, I decided to start a blog dedicated to my writing self. Yes, I have more than one self. I also have a dairy goat raising, gardening, canning, cooking, child raising self too. But she already has a blog. Since my writing self often has musings and such that don’t really fit on the farm blog, I decided to make a separate one. This way, when I ramble on about things, it’s less like I’m talking to myself and my husband can quit giving me strange looks as he wonders just how many people I have inside my head.

I know right now the blog is fairly bare. Some of that is because it’s still new-as if you needed that pointed out. I will work to try and post as often as I can in between writing, critting, rewriting, editing, cover designing, cooking, child rearing, animal care taking, gardening, going insane, and…cleaning? Eh, maybe. Cleaning isn’t one of my favorite hobbies. Besides, dust is a protective coating.

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